Alien Force

Photo of Alien Force Based in the Copenhagen area, Kenneth Ansbjerg started producing trance style music for Yo! label under the name "Alien Force" in 2017. He's also creative in genres electronic, house, progressive, techno, ambient and movie soundtrack styles. In 2007 he got inspired by the MMO, EVE Online, and started producing ambient and electronic music under the name "AlienHand". For his music creations he got interviewed by the gaming magazine EON Magazine and also DJ'ed at EVE Online FanFest in Iceland back in 2009 and 2012.

Genres:Trance, chillout, ambient

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Photo of Retrofox Alan Andersen aka "Retrofox" is a producer out of Norway. He creates a broad range of music with the common characteristics of insisting rhythmically emphasized modern electronic dance music served with a healthy dose of rich audio complexity. Alan started with music production about 16 years ago, highly influenced by big beat and techno at the time. His influences have since broadened to a more wide variety of genres and he currently takes inspiration from genres as Tech-house, Funk, Jazz, Acid, Electro, DnB and many more.

Previous works includes the single "Bubblegum" released on Public Records, which received great support from top DJs (including Dubfire), the EP "Hardspace" released on Out Of Obscure, and the tracks "Amplify" & "Fusion" – part of the "Buzzworks – Moving in Circles" compilation album, released on Zoolook Records.

Genres:Techno, house, trip hop, electronica

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Photo of Taiko-san Sound ninja and dancefloor samurai, Taiko-san has been producing various danceable techno tracks since the mid 90s. He draws inspiration from computer games, demos and game console music and is using software similar to that of the 80s games industry.

Genres:Techno, house, electronica

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Unhandled Exception

Photo of Unhandled Exception "Unhandled exception" (Alan Andersen) is a Drum and bass / Liquid Funk producer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Alan has been producing music most recently under the artist-name "Retrofox". Early 2013 he decided to create a new alter ego, "Unhandled Exception", where he would focus solely on his Drum and Bass related material. The music can best be described as melodic, and often spiced up with a dash of funky beats.

Genres:DnB, Liquid funk, Breaks

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