Yo! Label


Yo! Is a Copenhagen based underground net-label run by Alan Andersen and Joachim Michaelis. The label was founded early 2013 as a platform to release and spread quality music within the electronic genre.

Instead of having a very narrow focus which one often see with other labels, Yo!'s focus is quite varied, and instead of focusing on specific genres, we focus on quality music within a broad range. That said, our main focus however, lies on tech-house, techno, electronica, DnB, dub, and experimental electronic music. Yo! values fresh and innovative sounds, be it a whole new genre or some old-school sounds with a fresh twist.

Our main goal is to aid both undiscovered as well as established producers getting heard by offering them a platform for releasing and promote their work.

Click around the site to explore the artists and their music, we are sure you will find something to your liking.