Alien Force

Album cover Intense trance music with pounding beats and themes with a touch of old school. It's a force of music. Artwork by S. J. Bennet (


► 1 The Core
► 2 Burnt Circuit
► 3 Alien Force

Retrofox - Ordinary Chaos

Album cover Winter is coming! You know it, Retrofox knows it. Introducing Retrofox's newest release "Ordinary Chaos", an instant remedy for frozen toes! Stay warm, f*** winter!


► 1 Dancing monk
► 2 Unite
► 3 Circumstances
► 4 Close touch

Retrofox - One Step Forward

Album cover Retrofox is back to please, with a fresh new EP containing a nice mix of tunes ranging from marshmallow beats, to the more Oh so funky techy tracks, all in a comfortable Saturday butt-shakeable tempo!

Genre:Tech House/Techno

► 1 Mad whale
► 2 Fidustel Gruunrust
► 3 Dusty Fruit

Taiko-san - Drums Of The Mountain

Album cover Just like giant sea creatures coming out of the ocean, wrecking havoc in Japan's cities before charging into the powerlines, this collection of somewhat twisted tech-house and progressive trance'ish tracks will charge the dancefloor like some mutant from a manga cartoon.


► 1 Temple Mountain
► 2 Fetching the Basket
► 3 Rush Hour
► 4 Akiba Shopping Trip

Don Joe - Extending to the East

Album cover Electronic musician Don Joe takes us on a journey through the magic of the east with this orientally inspired electronica release. Mixing both indian and arabian influences, he reaches a peculiar calm tension between genres.


► 1 Ali Baba's Lesson
► 2 Sundog Halo
► 3 The Almighty Plucking
► 4 Shipwrecked in the Desert

Don Joe - Childhood Magic

Album cover Yo! Label proudly presents the first EP by musician, producer and sound engineer Don Joe, an unusual twisted electronica release: Childhood Magic, which celebrates the past and the future, and that which did not fit in-between. Drawing his inspiration from sources as odd as the Amiga demo scene, anime soundtracks and japanese dub reggae, this release has a sound of its own.


► 1 Robot X-mas
► 2 Temporal Hide and Seek
► 3 Staring at the Clouds
► 4 Skipping School Again

Unhandled Exception - The trial

Album cover We are pleased to present you with the debut EP "The trial" by "Unhandled Exception". "The trial" features two atmospheric Drum & Bass track's, which will take you on a journey with heavy bass lines, frantic beats and large melodic soundscapes.

Genre:Drum & Bass

► 1 Placid Neuron
► 2 Armed Elephants

Retrofox - AudioS3x

Album cover Fresh out of the studio, we present to you the 2'nd EP by Retrofox, featuring two hard-hitting techy tracks, perfect for a late Saturday evening!


► 1 AudioS3x
► 2 Nocturnal lifeforms