Don Joe - Extending to the East

Album cover Electronic musician Don Joe takes us on a journey through the magic of the east with this orientally inspired electronica release. Mixing both indian and arabian influences, he reaches a peculiar calm tension between genres.


► 1 Ali Baba's Lesson
► 2 Sundog Halo
► 3 The Almighty Plucking
► 4 Shipwrecked in the Desert

Don Joe - Childhood Magic

Album cover Yo! Label proudly presents the first EP by musician, producer and sound engineer Don Joe, an unusual twisted electronica release: Childhood Magic, which celebrates the past and the future, and that which did not fit in-between. Drawing his inspiration from sources as odd as the Amiga demo scene, anime soundtracks and japanese dub reggae, this release has a sound of its own.


► 1 Robot X-mas
► 2 Temporal Hide and Seek
► 3 Staring at the Clouds
► 4 Skipping School Again